Become Your Dream: Ava Taylor

Ava Taylor is the Founder and Chief Catalyst of YAMA Talent and the GM of Bodynova North America. She is a dedicated yogi, and a tenacious + creative entrepreneur with her finger on the pulse of the r...

Mar 2022

“Risking it ALL”

Why would anyone risk it all? What's the point?
We want to play it safe. We want to know we've got a fire exit, a backup plan, a buffer of some sort. We can't just go around risking ev...

Jul 2021

Good Medicine Confluence

Plants are magical, intelligent, and often good medicine. To even dabble in herbalism is to begin to deepen and nourish our relationships with plants and our community. If we slow down and observe wit...

Jun 2021

Is a Yoga Teacher Training For You?

You've been practicing for a while now and you know it's doing something great for you. You see yourself improving physically but most of all it's something about what it does to your mind...

Apr 2021